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Starting School

Once we have accepted an application for a place the Headteacher will hold an informal discussion with the parents so that the relevant background information can be recorded to form the beginning of the child’s primary record.

We recognise that the school day for a young child can be very demanding at first. We know that starting school is a unique experience for each child and want to make that experience a little less daunting for the child and less anxious for the parents. To help in this, children will spend two half days in class towards the end of the term immediately before they are to start school.

Reception children’s parents will be invited to an information meeting where they will have the opportunity to meet the Headteacher and the child’s class teacher. At the meeting the Headteacher will welcome all families to St Luke’s Catholic School and explain how the school runs and what families can expect from the school. The class teacher will chat to parents explaining the day to day opportunities the children will experience when they are in school. As part of the meeting there will be a chance for parents to ask questions. Please ask us anything, the more parents know the more excited the children will be to start school at St Luke’s.