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At St Luke’s Catholic Primary School the children’s religious education is at the centre of their learning journey. Their learning is based upon Catholic teaching and gospel values.

A caring, respectful atmosphere is promoted in the school where the children’s knowledge and love of God and their neighbours can grow and flourish. The Catholic RE Programme – ‘The Way The Truth and The Life’  is used in all classes. Lessons give all children the opportunity to develop a deep understanding and knowledge of  the teachings of the church. Regular opportunities for spiritual reflection  allow the children to identify how they use gospel values within their own lives and how this impacts positively on others around them.

A rolling two year programme means that all children within our mixed age classes are able to develop a broad and deep understanding of the Catholic religion. Whilst the school teaches to the Catholic way of life children are prepared for modern Britain and are taught about other religions and that all religions and faiths deserve to be respected by everybody.

Collective Worship

Collective worship is used throughout the week as a time for prayer and reflection.  A weekly gospel assembly links to the liturgy from the Sunday Mass and allows the children to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the teachings of the Bible.

The children of St Luke’s prepare and deliver their own collective worships within the classroom. They create thoughtful class gatherings where they are able to consider how they use the teachings of the Bible within their daily life. These times are calm and thoughtful and the children enjoy being involved with this celebration of their faith.

St Luke’s and The Church

St Luke’s Catholic Primary School frequently attends Mass at Our Lady Of The Rosary and St Luke Church. Mass is led by the Parish Priest and the children take an active part through readings and the offertory.

The church welcomes all families to it’s Sunday Mass each week. As part of the weekly Mass the children are able to attend children’s liturgy with members of the parish.

Long term curriculum overview

Long Term Planning 2022-23

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Spiritual and Moral Policy 2022-23

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