• St Luke's continues to be a GOOD school after a successful Ofsted inspection in December.
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  • Don't forget - Class 3's Town Centre Trip is tomorrow!

General Policies

This School is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people/vulnerable adults and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Filename Size Date
Admissions Policy St Lukes AY2024-2025.pdf 167.9KB 03/04/2023
Admissions Policy STL 2022 2023.pdf 172.1KB 03/04/2023
Admissions Policy STL 2023-24.pdf 169.6KB 03/04/2023
Alternative Provision Policy.pdf 235.2KB 03/04/2023
Anti Bullying Policy.pdf 347.7KB 03/04/2023
Charges and Remission Policy.pdf 156.6KB 03/04/2023
Child on Child Abuse Policy.pdf 721.9KB 03/04/2023
Children in Care Policy.pdf 299.4KB 03/04/2023
Data Protection Policy.pdf 313.1KB 03/04/2023
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy.pdf 171.8KB 03/04/2023
Equality Policy.pdf 291.3KB 03/04/2023
Exclusion Policy.pdf 218.5KB 03/04/2023
Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme.pdf 377.1KB 03/04/2023
Home School Agreement.pdf 79.8KB 03/04/2023
ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.pdf 341.8KB 03/04/2023
Information Security Policy.pdf 449.9KB 03/04/2023
Intimate Care Policy.pdf 197.8KB 03/04/2023
Managing Drug Related Incident Policy.pdf 157.1KB 03/04/2023
Mental Health and Well-Being.pdf 235.9KB 03/04/2023
Mobile Phone Policy.pdf 221.2KB 03/04/2023
Online Safety Policy.pdf 282.6KB 03/04/2023
Our Blessed Saints RSE Policy.pdf 401.8KB 03/04/2023
Over Arching Code of Conduct for Staff.pdf 262.7KB 03/04/2023
Parent Code of Conduct.pdf 118.4KB 03/04/2023
Policy and Procedure for Managing Low Level Concerns or A... 516.6KB 03/04/2023
Privacy Policy.pdf 180.5KB 03/04/2023
Safer Recruitment Policy.pdf 230.8KB 03/04/2023
School Complaints Procedure Policy St Lukes 2022-2023.pdf 384.5KB 03/04/2023
St Lukes Attendance Policy 2022-23.pdf 222.2KB 03/04/2023
St Lukes Positive Behaviour Policy 22-23.pdf 483.9KB 03/04/2023
St. Lukes Accessibility Policy 2021-2024.pdf 178.9KB 03/04/2023
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions and Administrat... 550.1KB 03/04/2023
Uniform Policy.pdf 191.0KB 03/04/2023
Whistleblowing Procedure.pdf 247.1KB 03/04/2023
St Luke's Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023-2... 692.1KB 07/09/2023
SEND Information Report - St. Luke's 2023-2024.pdf 1.1MB 22/09/2023
Our Blessed Saints SEND policy - St. Luke's - 2023-2024.pdf 665.5KB 22/09/2023
SEND Information Report - St. Luke's 2023-2024 (1).pdf 1.1MB 19/10/2023
Our Blessed Saints SEND policy - St. Luke's - 2023-2024 (... 665.5KB 19/10/2023
Admissions Policy 25-26 175.0KB 08/04/2024