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School Visits

To enhance the work covered in class, the teachers try to arrange educational trips and visits to suitable places of interest e.g. museums. Sometimes the trip will be exploring the local neighbourhood e.g. looking at the types of houses in the immediate vicinity of the school. Such trips are usually carried out in small groups under the supervision of a classroom support assistant or parent who act under the teacher’s close supervision. Permission from parents is not sought for such trips. Visits further afield requiring coach hire or public transport are always notified in advance and a contribution towards the cost of the trip is requested. In each notification to parents it will be made clear that there is no obligation to contribute and those pupils will not be excluded if their parents do not. It will also be made clear that insufficient support will necessitate the cancellation of the proposed visit. At the discretion of the Headteacher, where voluntary contributions are just short of the actual cost of the visit, the difference may be made up from the school fund. Whenever the children go on educational visits permission slips are sent home for a parent to sign. These must be returned in order for the child to take part on the trip.