• Please continue to check ParentPay for upcoming trips and events, thank you!
  • Please check 'News and Events' for upcoming events!
  • Class 5/Yr 6 Trip to Black Country Museum - 16/07/2024 Arrive by 08:45am for prompt departure, please!
  • Leaver Mass Wednesday 17th July at 2pm. Please can all children be in school uniform (no PE kit). Thank you.

Our Classes

There are 5 classes to accommodate 7 age groups consequently children will need to spend more than 1 full year in at least 1 class. Classes are currently organised as follows:

  • Class 1 All reception children (Year R) and some Year 1
  • Class 2 All Year 2 and some Year 1
  • Class 3 All Year 3 children and some Year 4
  • Class 4 Some Year 4 and some Year 5
  • Class 5 All Year 6 and some Year 5

Please click on the link to visit the dedicated class pages.