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Music curriculum at St Luke’s Catholic Primary School



Over previous years, we have subscribed to the Shropshire Music Service. A teacher from the music service has taught the music lessons regularly in classes 1, 2, and 4 with some teaching in class 3. As a school, we decided that our children would benefit from an alternative going forward, so since September 2022 teaching music in school has been delivered by our own teachers.


Staff knowledge and expertise

In our school, we are fortunate to have several teachers who can follow musical notation and play instruments, notably guitar. We aim to share this expertise both within the teaching staff and through modelling practice in lessons and through collective worship.

In addition, we have the ability to use a peripatetic teacher to deliver weekly instrument lessons in school. We have access to a range of instruments that we can loan from the music service: the autumn term was beating with the sound of a class set of African drums!


Curriculum development

Historically, some Cornerstones units have excellent links to the teaching of Music, whereas other units contain no music teaching. As a school we have now subscribed to Charanga and utilise all resources alongside each other.



To ensure that the mixing of resources creates a linear development of children’s musical skills and experiences from reception to year 6.


Progression of knowledge and skills in Music:

Progression of Skills in Music

Social, moral, spiritual and cultural education:

Music with SMSC