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In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, children are taught reading and phonics through the lively and engaging programme Read Write Inc. every day. In addition, they receive Literacy lessons and guided reading sessions. We believe the children’s writing should be meaningful, and for different purposes and audiences. We teach writing for all genres in all year groups, and aim to get children writing as much as possible.

When children move out of the Read Write Inc. programme, they begin Support for Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation lessons. This is in addition to the dedicated Literacy and guided reading sessions.

What is expected for my child’s year group?

The new expectations for assessment are set out in the documents below. To be working at age-related expectations, we have agreed that all of the targets need to have been met by the child by the end of the school year, with the red underlined targets as especially important.

Writing National Expectations

Year 1 NE Writing

Year 2 NE Writing

Year 3 NE Writing

Year 4 NE Writing

Year 5 NE Writing

Year 6 NE Writing

Reading National Expectations

Year 1 National Standards Reading

Year 2 National Standards Reading

Year 3 National Standards Reading

Year 4 National Standards Reading

Year 5 National Standards Reading

Year 6 National Standards Reading

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education:

English with SMSC


English Policy

Phonics Policy:

RWI policy St lukes