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School Parliament


Our Children’s Safeguarding Board, the Hazard Heroes meet regularly to plan assemblies to teach their peers to be safe in various ways.  Their remit is to also be friendly faces where children can turn to, if they need extra advice and support at school.

The Hazard Heroes are a group of year 5 and 6 children, who work together to ensure that the school community has a good understanding of how they can stay safe at all times.

The Heroes have introduced many initiatives in school including:

  • A worry box. Children can share their worries and a member of the Heroes will spend time helping the child and if necessary they will seek the support of an adult to help.
  • Summer Safety information leaflet. They have created an informative leaflet to explain how to stay safe during the summer months. The leaflet covered topics such as staying protected in the sun, water safety and stranger danger.
  • They have worked with the NSPCC to introduce the PANTS campaign and have led a fundraising campaign in school to support the cause.
  • They have developed and led an Internet Safety assembly, identifying potential online dangers and what the children should do if they are exposed to anything whilst online.