• Please continue to check ParentPay for upcoming trips and events, thank you!
  • Please check 'News and Events' for upcoming events!
  • Class 5/Yr 6 Trip to Black Country Museum - 16/07/2024 Arrive by 08:45am for prompt departure, please!
  • Leaver Mass Wednesday 17th July at 2pm. Please can all children be in school uniform (no PE kit). Thank you.

General Policies

This School is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people/vulnerable adults and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Filename Size Date
Admissions Policy St Lukes AY2024-2025.pdf 167.9KB 03/04/2023
Admissions Policy STL 2022 2023.pdf 172.1KB 03/04/2023
Admissions Policy STL 2023-24.pdf 169.6KB 03/04/2023
Alternative Provision Policy.pdf 235.2KB 03/04/2023
Anti Bullying Policy.pdf 347.7KB 03/04/2023
Charges and Remission Policy.pdf 156.6KB 03/04/2023
Child on Child Abuse Policy.pdf 721.9KB 03/04/2023
Children in Care Policy.pdf 299.4KB 03/04/2023
Data Protection Policy.pdf 313.1KB 03/04/2023
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy.pdf 171.8KB 03/04/2023
Equality Policy.pdf 291.3KB 03/04/2023
Exclusion Policy.pdf 218.5KB 03/04/2023
Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme.pdf 377.1KB 03/04/2023
Home School Agreement.pdf 79.8KB 03/04/2023
ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.pdf 341.8KB 03/04/2023
Information Security Policy.pdf 449.9KB 03/04/2023
Intimate Care Policy.pdf 197.8KB 03/04/2023
Managing Drug Related Incident Policy.pdf 157.1KB 03/04/2023
Mental Health and Well-Being.pdf 235.9KB 03/04/2023
Mobile Phone Policy.pdf 221.2KB 03/04/2023
Online Safety Policy.pdf 282.6KB 03/04/2023
Our Blessed Saints RSE Policy.pdf 401.8KB 03/04/2023
Over Arching Code of Conduct for Staff.pdf 262.7KB 03/04/2023
Parent Code of Conduct.pdf 118.4KB 03/04/2023
Policy and Procedure for Managing Low Level Concerns or A... 516.6KB 03/04/2023
Privacy Policy.pdf 180.5KB 03/04/2023
Safer Recruitment Policy.pdf 230.8KB 03/04/2023
School Complaints Procedure Policy St Lukes 2022-2023.pdf 384.5KB 03/04/2023
St Lukes Attendance Policy 2022-23.pdf 222.2KB 03/04/2023
St Lukes Positive Behaviour Policy 22-23.pdf 483.9KB 03/04/2023
St. Lukes Accessibility Policy 2021-2024.pdf 178.9KB 03/04/2023
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions and Administrat... 550.1KB 03/04/2023
Uniform Policy.pdf 191.0KB 03/04/2023
Whistleblowing Procedure.pdf 247.1KB 03/04/2023
St Luke's Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023-2... 692.1KB 07/09/2023
SEND Information Report - St. Luke's 2023-2024.pdf 1.1MB 22/09/2023
Our Blessed Saints SEND policy - St. Luke's - 2023-2024.pdf 665.5KB 22/09/2023
SEND Information Report - St. Luke's 2023-2024 (1).pdf 1.1MB 19/10/2023
Our Blessed Saints SEND policy - St. Luke's - 2023-2024 (... 665.5KB 19/10/2023
Admissions Policy 25-26 175.0KB 08/04/2024