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St Luke & The Church

Who was Saint Luke?


The school takes its name from St Luke a friend of Paul who shared the word of the Lord.

St Luke was born in Antioch around the time that Jesus was born, he died several years after Jesus was crucified.

During his life he became friends with the the apostle Paul and soon became a Christian. He and Paul spent their days spreading the word of the Lord in Greece and in Rome. St Luke was also able to spend time with Mother Mary and learn more  about Jesus and his teachings.

St Luke was a physician (doctor) and he is now the patron Saint of doctors.  St Luke wrote two books of the Bible: The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. He is often picture with an ox as this is recognised as the animal of sacrifice and this links to the Gospel of St Luke, which refers to Christ’s sacrifice of himself on the cross. The ox of St Luke is represented on the school’s badge and is proudly worn by all pupils on their school uniform.



St Luke’s Catholic School and the Church

St. Luke’s Catholic Primary School is a Catholic Primary School under the trusteeship of the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

We have a strong connection with Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Trench, which we are lucky enough to have on our school site.

We visit the Church often, to celebrate special feast days and important days within the Church calendar.

We also enjoy using the beautiful Church facilities to create prayer trails; the children enjoy exploring the focus for the station, reading the stories, reflections and prayers and taking part in the activities.

We also use the Church and rooms for our Christmas concerts and joint school/parish fayres.